Course categories

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Programme Mentor - Access1

Return to Study Course5

Moving On1

Pre Access8

GCSE Maths (Access)1

GCSE English (Access)1

Level 2 Criminology1

Level 2 Human Growth and Development1

Level 3 H.E. Toolkit - Academic Studies (Plus general course information)1

Level 3 Sociology1

Level 3 English Language and Literature1

Level 3 Psychology1

Level 3 Human Physiology1

Level 3 Family Studies1
Animal Management

Programme Mentor - Animal Management1

Animal Care Diploma Level 19

Animal Care Diploma Level 216

Extended Diploma Animal Management Level 3 Year 113

Extended Diploma in Animal Management Level 3 Year 216

Animal Studies Forms and Help sheets1

HNC/D Level 4/513

Principals of Animal Managment C&G1


School Links1

LMC counselling service1
Professional Development7

Teaching & Learning

Advice & Guidance
Art and Design

Programme Mentor - Art and Design1

Art and Design Extended Diploma Level 3 yr 11

Art & Design Extended Diploma Level 3 yr 21

Art and Design Diploma Level 21

Art and Design Foundation Diploma Level 3/41
Beauty Therapy

Programme Mentor - Beauty Therapy1

Hair & Beauty Diploma Level 12

Hair & Beauty Diploma Level 21

Beauty Therapy Diploma Level 2 1

Evening - VRQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy Level 21

Nail Technology Certificate Level 2 1

Specialist Make Up NVQ Level 31

VRQ Diploma Beauty Therapy Level 31

Certificate in Beauty Therapy Level 3 1

Intermediate (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Advanced Apprenticeship1

Communication skills for Beauty Therapy Level 1 & 21

Essential anatomy and physiology1

Programme Mentor - Business1

Business Extended Diploma Level 3 Year One4

Moving On1

Additional Resources1

Award in Team Leading1

Business Tutorial year one1

Term 1 - Unit 01 The Business Environment1

Term 1 - Unit 03 Introduction to Marketing1


Business Extended Diploma Level 3 Year Two 9

HNC - HND in Business 10

Applying for University of Cumbria Top Up Degrees1

CMI - Chartered Management Institute Level 3 (WBL & Apprenticeship)1

Customer Services (WBL & Apprenticeship)2

Team Leading (WBL & Apprenticeship)2

5528 Business Administration Level 2, 3 and 4 (WBL & Apprenticeship)4

Social Networking for Business2

QRW Reports1

CIPD Level 3 Foundation Award - HR Essentials1
Child Education4

Programme Mentor - Child Education1

Childcare Learning and Development Diploma Level 21

National Diploma & Certificate in Children's Play, Learning & Development Level 3 Year 1 & Year 21

NCFE Level 1 Award Mental Health Awareness1

Interactive Skeleton1

Teaching Assistant Level 2 (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Teaching Assistant Level 3 (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Children and Young People's Workforce Level 2 (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Children and Young People's Workforce Level 3 (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Level 1 Certificate in Children, Young people, Health & Care1

Early Years Educator Level 31

Level 3 Diploma in Children's Learning and Development (Early Years Educator)(NVQ) (WBL & Apprenticeships)1


Family Care Skills1

Progression into Family Care1

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Residential Childcare1
Computing and Digital media


Computing and IT Courses at Morecambe Learning Centre (Adult)8

Old Courses

iMedia Btec Diploma Level 2 11

I.T. User Skills - Diploma L2 Apprenticeship1

I.T User Skills - Diploma L3 Apprenticeship1

I.T. Software, Web & Telecom 4520 - Diploma L2 Apprenticeship1

I.T. Software, Web & Telecom 4520 - Diploma L3 Apprenticeship1

Programme Mentor - Computing and Digital media1

Programme Mentor - Construction1

Plumbing Level 21

Plumbing Level 31

Brickwork Diploma Level 11

Brickwork Diploma Level 21

Brickwork Diploma Level 31

Joinery Diploma Level 12

Joinery Diploma Level 2 2

Joinery Diploma Level 31

Construction Multi Skills Level 12

Additional Resources1

Quiz Revision1

Construction Diploma Questions (Jan 2010)1

Health & Safety Level 11

Environmental Sustainability level 1

Programme Mentor - Engineering1

Electrical Level 12

Electrical Level 21

Engineering Level 21

Engineering Level 31

Welding & Fabrication level 1 and 21

Electrical Installations (Question Checker)1

Additional Resources1

Moving On1

Engineering Level 3 Extended Diploma1
Foundation Learning

Programme Mentor - Foundation Learning1

ASPIRE (Formerly Entry to Further Education/ E2FE)2

Programme Mentor - Hairdressing1

Hairdressing Diploma Level 21

Hairdressing NVQ Level 21

Level 2 NVQ Barbering (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Level 2 Certificate in Womens Hairdressing1

Hairdressing Certificate Level 31

Hairdressing NVQ Level 31

Hairdressing (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Hairdressing (WBL & Advanced Apprenticeships)1
Health and Social Care

Programme Mentor - Health and Social Care1

Health and Social Care Diploma Level 21

Health and Social Care Extended Diploma Level 322

Health and Social Care Resource Bank2

Diploma for the Children and Young People's Workforce (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Health and Social Care Welcome Day1

Health & Social Care Level 2 Diploma (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Health & Social Care Level 3 Diploma (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

HNC in Health and Social Care1

Leadership and Management Level 51

HND in Health and Social Care1

NHS Apprenticeships1

QRW Reports for H&S Care1
Hospitality and Catering1

Programme Mentor - Hospitality and Catering1

Professional Cookery Diploma level 11

Professional Cook Diploma level 2 1

Professional Cookery NVQ 21

Professional Cook NVQ 3 1

Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles Level 2 1

Professional Food & Beverage Service Level 1 / 2 (WBL & Apprenticeships)2

Hospitality Services (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Hospitality Housekeeping (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Apprenticeship - Hospitality Supervision1

Warehousing Level 3 (WBL & Apprenticeships)1

Programme Mentor - Music 1

Music Diploma Level 21

Music Extended Diploma Level 32

HNC/D Music5
Public Services2

Programme Mentor - Public Services 1

Extended Diploma Public Service Level 3 Year 18

Extended Diploma Public Service Level 3 Year 211

Public Services Diploma Level 27

Additional resources1

Level 4/5 HNCD15

Moving On1

Functional Skills

Work Placement1

NCFE Public Services Level 31

Programme Mentor - Sport1

Level 11

Sport Diploma Level 110

Level 2

Sport Diploma Level 213

N.C.F.E. Level 2 Sports Coaching8

Sports Coaching Specifications

Participating in sport

N.C.F.E. Level 2 Fitness Instruction6

Level 3

Sport Extended Diploma Level 3 Year 111


Sport Extended Diploma Level 3 Year 217

Unit 18: Sports Injuries

Unit 18: Sports Injuries

Sport Science Extended Diploma Level 321

Personal Trainer NCFE Level 3 4

Morecambe F.C. Level 3 Sport

Year 112

Year 212

Tutorial Information for MFC Scholars1

Infomation, Advice, Guidance, Support

Tutorial Information for MFC Scholars

H.E. Courses & Electronic Journal

HND L5 in Sport (Sports Coaching)13

Student Handbook1

HNC/D in Sport (Exercise, Health and Injury Prevention)

General Course Information1

Additional Resources1

Apprenticeship Exercise & Fitness1

Moving On1

Functional Skills8

Work Placement1
Additional Learning Support11

Helping someone with a panic attack1


Additional Learning Support1

Learning Support Organisers1

Learning Support Tutors1

Learning Support Assistants1

Safe Learner Review

Assessing for Specific Learning Differences1

Assistive Technology1

Other Medical Conditions1

Mental Health1

Attachment Disorder / Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)1

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder1


Dyspraxia / Dysgraphia1

Aspergers Syndrome1

Hearing Impairment1

Low Vision or Visual Impairment1

Skills 4 Life4



Functional Skills


ICT Functional Skills


Student Services16

Feedback Surveys
Online Learning Centre6
Teacher Education

Year 2 PGCE/Cert Ed1

Assessor & Internal Quality Assuror Awards/Certificates1

Advice & Guidance1

PGCE/Cert Ed Yr 11
Health Safety & Wellbeing4
Moodle Training4
LMC Business

Apprenticeship - NVQ1

LMC Business courses
Creative Media Production

Programme Mentor - Creative Media Production1

Creative Media Production3

Previous Years4
Travel and Tourism6

Programme Mentor - Travel and Tourism1

Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Programme Mentor - Horticulture1
Customer Care Promise1