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The Moodle landing page shows programme areas with sub-categories representing your courses. Services that support teaching and learning at college are now also included. Did you know you can access Moodle and many resources from your Smartphone?

Moodle's chatrooms and forums are subject to the College's Code of Conduct. They should be used in a way that does not harass, harm, offend or insult others.

Staff are reminded not to display, store or share any confidential user data or personal information on Moodle.

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Change of Student Details

Changed your name, address or phone number?

Please let us know by clicking here to download the change of student details form.

Completed forms can be submitted to either Student Services or the Finance Window.

Please note that you will need to show your student id card when submitting the form.

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Animal Management

Art and Design

Beauty Therapy

Business and Tourism

Child Education

Computing and Digital Media



Foundation Learning


Health and Social Care


Hospitality and Catering


Public Services



Film and TV

Getting to know you

Skills for Life

Learning Centre

Teacher Education

Additional Learning Support

Pre-employment Training

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Customer Care Promise

Student Voice

Functional Skills English

Functional Skills Maths

Functional Skills I.T.

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LMC Students' Union

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